The success of a company depends on the way it can win the confidence of its customers and impact without authority will help you achieve that. You need to structure your managerial role to focus on a number of factors such as the internal network. This comprises of the subordinate staff, the supervisory roles and the management. These are brought together under the umbrella of the executive. The relationship between the various roles has to be healthy working relation.  It is a matter of transforming efforts, skills and abilities into results.

This will add value to the external customers.  The organization has to be able to focus on its feasibility. If you will not detect the effect of change in economy and adopt strategic measures such as merging and staff compatibility then you will be caught off guard. You have to predict decreased sales and plan for the underlying challenges. The external customer is a king pin to your organizations success. If you do not seek the confidence of these customers your business could shrink.

Attaining impact without authority through ‘buy-in’

You will need to inject every technology and skills as well as training so that you keep your production at bay. If you have to streamline your financial process you have to adopt the current but viable modes such as wire transfers and the like. The current software in the market will have to be your priority. All these are factors to keep your company in competitive edge on the market.

Best practices will improve your impact without authority.

They may be in technology; they may be in creating the best working conditions, the best working ethics and code of conducts. The result is creating morale in the workers. Output will increase and quality emphasised. You thus maintain the win over your customers. Remember, the customer is always challenging you to produce the best in order to make value in product. Practise listening, exploring, talking and solving issues.

View your pros and cons as both vital

If you are that type who will run away from failure then you may not win the battle. Challenges must be handled like the successes. When you are faced with difficulties don’t put your head down. Stand up head and face the challenges.  When you have succeeded, celebrate and reward. Yes! The road has bumps and stretches, drive carefully and make use of the impact without authority.

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