Literature stands are useful tools for businesses. They can be used to relay important information such as opening hours, special promotions, coupon deals and more. Often, customers have limited time when they are shopping so they are more likely to pick up a brochure than to listen to a sales pitch. Also, paper advertising encourages customers to return to your store. Giving a customer a brochure or flyer to take home is a clever way to form a connection so that he may call upon your services in the future. Here are some pointers to help you make the best use of paper advertising dispensers. Of course, each business is unique, so using the pointers below in a flexible way is the best approach.

Placement of a literature dispenser is the key. First, here are some tips on where you shouldn’t place an advertising stand. Do not position it where it is in the way of customers, such as in the middle of a walkway. This can be a safety hazard. It can also annoy customers and you don’t want it to cause a negative reaction. Also, do not place a literature stand in a place where you do not have permission to do so.

A more ideal place for a stand is in a highly visible but unobtrusive location. A countertop is a popular location for advertising dispensers. The reason is plain to see – flyers are out of the way, yet very visible to customers. Make sure that flyers are located near eye level to get   shoppers attention.

Creating a central information desk is one effective way that businesses can make their literature more accessible. This encourages customers to collect brochures or flyers while avoiding the lines at the check out counters. An information desk does not have to be very formal or elaborate – a simple table or desk with brochures that is centrally located can be very useful.

Remember that poster dispensers are not the only tool for spreading a message. Staffs are an important part of connecting with customers. A simple comment such as “please take a brochure” can encourage customers to learn about your business. Furthermore, staff should be well trained so that they can answer questions from customers.

The type of information you list in flyers and brochures is very important. Paper advertising is the perfect chance to invite customers back and encourage future sales. Make sure to include details about future events, including big sales, concerts, expansions, etc. These can attract your customers for future business.

Many customers are aware of how paper products affect the environment. That’s why it makes sense to use paper for advertising that is recycled or from an environmentally sustainable source. Note this on in your advertising and urge customers to recycle. A lot of consumers are looking for companies that have green practices. If you are taking steps to help the environment, let your clientele know.

It’s clear that using a literature dispenser is not as straightforward as it might appear. There are a number of strategies which can help you to maximize its effect. You can find more advertising tips online.

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