Quinceanera customs are quite essential to those people celebrating this occasion. Quinces, as they are generally named, celebrate a young Hispanic teenage girl’s growing into adulthood. A Quinceanera is a special event held to mark a 15th or 16th birthday party. This is simply not your common sweet 15 or 16, however. Quinces take equally as much preparation as a bridal party, which enables it to turn into very luxurious event. It is no surprise that little Hispanic girls longing for their Quinces.

Quinceanera Dresses
A Quinceanera dress is quite important to a Hispanic woman. It may be the first formal dress which she wears in her life. Do make sure she dresses like a princess on the special day. You may find your ideal dress at DressesShop.

Quinceanera Court
The “Quinces Court” is kind of as being a wedding party. It’s composed of around 14 young ladies and also teenage boys. The Quinceanera and her court all clothe themselves with gorgeous Quinceanera dresses and tuxedos. The dresses donned by the girls should be synchronized, however the Quinceanara will pick white or some special colour which differentiates herself from the others. When the guests and her court go into the reception hall, their names are officially introduced. After that, they’re going to present a choreographed dance as traditional entertainment.

Quinceanera Waltz
One more Quinceanera tradition could be the Quinceanera waltz. The girl, her escort and the Quinces court will present waltz at the reception hall. A lot of hosts will probably pay big bucks for that Quinces Court to adopt qualified ball room dancing training to put on an entertaining event. The Quinceanera is usually supposed to dance together with her dad.

Quinceanera Gifts
Traditional gifts for the Quinceanera consist of:
A scepter symbolizes her entry into adulthood and shouldering responsibilities.
A tiara signifies her as “princess” for the special day.
A Rosary to remind her to remain purity and innocence.
A religious cross to remind her of faith.
A bible to read.
Earrings to remind her to follow God.
A bracelet and a ring.

Quinceanera Doll
Each girl’s childhood is full of various beautiful dolls. As a result, no Quinceanera would be perfect without having the presentation of the Quncineanera doll. At the reception, the Quinceanera’s mother and father will give their girl with a lovely porcelain doll which means her “last doll” in childhood as well as a mark of her growing up.

Quinceanera Toast
Traditionally, the Quinceanera’s father should lead the guests in a toast to his daughter. Others can offer toasts as well.

Quinceanera Record
It’s one of the most important events in a Hispanic woman’s life. Thus, you need a professional photographers and videographers to record this special day. Don’t forget to make an album for your guests.

Examples of Quinceanera dresses:

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