The Mandela Effect is a phenomenon where a large number of people remember past well-known events, objects, dialogue, or texts differently.  One side believes that the way these things are presented today are exactly the way they have always been.  The other side is vehemently adamant that some present-day realities have changed from the past.  See the image on the left.  Which do you remember?  Would it surprise you to learn that thousands of people are just as sure that the opposite is true?

Explanations vary.  The first side dismisses “alternate” memories as simply mistakes in memories of things that never happened – seemingly many people sharing false memories of past events.  Psychologists actually call these “false memories.”  Sigmund Freud first encountered this phenomenon when researching repressed childhood memories with his adult patients.

According to believers, however, the Mandela Effect is not a case of mistaken memory. Instead, they hypothesize that one of two events occurred:  one is that some of us have moved between alternate realities, like parallel universes or timelines spilling into each other, hence we remember things that have been written out of our current timeline (called residue); the second is that time travelers have inadvertently changed subtle things in our history, whether deliberately or accidentally, and therefore affected our present, remarkably similar to the movie Back to the Future.

Here are a few examples of the controversy.  Following those images are a few public comments made in response to YouTube videos featuring the Mandela Effect.






Shay Heard
A bunch of people not remembering shit correctly is not a phenomenon.
I think the “Luke I am your father” gained
that notoriety from the movie Tommy Boy causing that false memory????? What are your thoughts?
Wow…This “effect” is complete rubbish. The Kennedy part for instance is completely ridiculous. If there were only 4 people in the car than that would have meant Connelly left his wife behind or made her drive the car. This “effect” is merely examples of how some people see or hear what they want to see or hear instead of actually seeing or hearing what is fact. Also it shows how BS can spread by word of mouth. One guy blows the Star Wars line on a TV show or something and years later we all believe we heard it the BS way instead of the real way it was. Also typical is some idiots see such complexity as parallel universes spilling into our own instead of just errors made in the memories of flawed human brains.
Google User
You are absolutely correct. All of these idiots who think they know it all (like the obnoxious moron who made this video) have to do is to follow the Kennedy’s from their arrival at Love Field in Dallas to Dealy Plaza, where the assassination took place. There were ALWAYS SIX people in that car. Secret Service Agent Bill Greer was driving while President Kennedy’s main Secret Service Agent, Roy Kellerman, sat in the front passenger seat. Governor and Mrs. Connolly were sitting on “jump seats” behind the Secret Service Agents. President Kennedy and the First Lady sat in the back seat. History has NOT been tampered with, nothing has changed. I am 66 years old, and have followed the assassination since it happened. I think that it is a great dishonor to President Kennedy’s memory for people to shoot their mouth’s off without knowing the real facts about which they are speaking.
Anyone remembers the Monalisa with her eyes in the middle not looking to her left? I remember people telling me that her eyes would look like following you wherever you go.
You act as if YouTube is the only way humans could ever re-watch something. Cute attempt to dissuade and rationalize a real phenomenon out of denial. There are thousands of examples of this effect and hundreds of thousands of people who swear by them. It’s going to take more than that.
The sun definitely had Black Sunglasses. Uncle Sam Yes Stripes. Never seen a hiking emoji. Portrait of Dorian Gray.. it’s a Victorian novel.. they didn’t have anything but PORTRAITS for Christ sake. Airplane engine… under the wing!! Damn! Mona Lisa Always unknown! Heard a professor say he thought it was a self-portrait. Red Sun karate kid. Rubies Tuesday’s!! Bottom line.. we can’t all wrong. Some things are still correct and others are changing.. is it possible for us to be shuffling through these reality’s? Back and forth??? I mourned Mandela when he passed in the 80s. I remember him being sick in jail and no one could get him out. I remember the funeral on TV. Seriously this is High strangeness.
The “Picture” of Doran Grey?? That’s nearly as crazy as, An Interview With “The” Vampire or that other one, Sex And “The” City.
Interested?  See my series of articles right here on my website.  To take, there are over 300 examples of the Mandela Effect. Comment below.


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