The intent of this article is about writing epic funny short love poems with any combination of love words you have in your arsenal. The success of your poem won’t be directly related to the words themselves, but the feeling the words create.

This is a Process Essay or How-To Essay. Process Essays usually contain a step-by-step sequence in order to build something, create something or perform an activity.  To help you understand aspects of writing.   I’ve also highlighted in red the  common mistakes of student writers.                          –Miss McCulla                    

The way that any good story, movie, poem, song, journey or play works is that it plays with your emotions from beginning to end…


The way that any good story, movie, poem, song, journey or play works is that it plays with your emotions from beginning to end. A movie of suspense will begin with some scenes you don’t entirely understand but that are central to the movie. The rest of the movie will then begin to drop hints and clues [of what?] to build the suspense. Then there will be twists and turns and you’ll find out someone was lying [Passive voice is weak].  Assumptions you made will be turned upside down, and the good guy will become the bad. And all the suspense builds up to a climactic end. But the whole movie is about building the emotions inside, specifically the suspense, until a climactic end.  [This is certainly true of some horror movies, adventure, murder mysteries . . . but what about comedy movies, which depend on irony more than anything else for success].

In the same way, an epic poem builds a story of struggle, heartache, a journey and lots of obstacles that must be overcome. There are times of defeat, times of wanting to give up, times of impossibility. But the hero always forges through in the end.  [We haven’t gotten gotten to LOVE or HUMOR, yet.]

Students: Having a story is not necessary in a poem. And there needs not be a hero.  Consider Emily Dickinson.  –Miss McCulla

Anything that has to do with humor is when the story is building towards a climax of one emotion, and you get another emotion entirely unexpected that doesn’t fit with the emotion of the previous buildup in the story.  [What the writer has suggested is not the definition of Humor.] For example, a Chilean girl I once dated told me a phrase in Spanish as she was expressing her love for me [This next statement isn’t a poem, and the humor has nothing to do with poetry] , “Tus ojos son los luceros que alumbran mis basureros,” which means “Your eyes are like bright lights that illuminate my garbage cans.”

So epic funny short love poems are poems that seem very epic at the beginning and build those emotions. You can incorporate words like struggle, defeat, battle, overcome, overwhelmed, and so forth. And to make it funny, you just need a climax that is the opposite of climactic that produces an entirely different feeling, like the garbage can quote.

If you can incorporate these feelings into poetry, then you have just created for yourself epic funny short love poems. Good luck in  writing your poems.

Actually, there is no such thing as an epic funny short love poem. 

                                                   —Miss McCulla

Miss McCulla is a retired English teacher of 32 years.  She has Mastery of the grammar and mechanics of English, and has taught expository, fiction writing, and rhetorical skills to hundreds of students and aspiring writers throughout her career.  She has written/edited/self-published five books, and currently manages and edits a writing blog called The Underground Tutor where she gathers essays, articles, entries, papers, manuals, profiles, criticisms, analyses of literature, just like those asked of students and writers in the university and publishing houses.

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