PASSIVE VOICE IS THE WORST WAY TO BEGIN AN ESSAY!   Especially a persuasive essay where you want to impress your audience and get to the point as soon as possible.NO NO NO    There is or There are.–Miss McCulla

There are many ways to make money from your book, besides just selling it as a stand-alone; consider additional support. That’s what this article will teach. To begin with        we need to look at some basic math, lets begin with the cost of each copy.   ^ ^    Two ERRORS

If your book sells for $ 20.00 and you have $ 15.95 in expenses like you would if you self published. Than you would earn $ 4.05 per copy right? Well lets take a closer look, what if you sold an Audio CD with someone reading the story, as a package deal. Many people like to listen to audios while driving, or on their computer etc. So that’s a nice feature right?

An advertisement written as an essay is called a Persuasive or Opinion Essay.–Miss McCulla

Oh, and OK is not a word.  If you must use it, the spelling is o-k-a-y.

OK that improves the math a bit right because we could sell the package for maybe $ 25.00. Now the life expectancy of a self published product is between 150 – 200 copies, now lets do the math.
$ 4.05 X 200 copies = $ 810 dollars  ERROR

Far from $ 99,000 dollars right? Well what do we have to do to get that book up to where it can become highly profitable? We need to add to our package deal, but first let me ask you a question.

– What could you offer to support the learning or entertainment of your story?

If your book is teaching someone to improve their business bookkeeping than you could add services and products to your offering. Lets say that you created a basic and advanced package which offered more details and additional support in varying ways.

This is an example of what you could include in such a package;

– Book, audio CD, workbook (filled with questions and spaces for answers) and 1 hour of private 1-on-1 phone coaching. Valued at $ 97.00

– Book, audio CD, workbook (filled with questions and spaces for answers) 3 monthly group tele-seminars for additional support and 1 hour of private 1-on-1 phone coaching. Valued at $ 495.00

Now each package can help people with varying levels of support, and at varying price points. The $ 97 dollar package, if with 200 sales would earn $ 19,400 and the $ 495 package would earn you $ 99,000 dollars. Not bad, right?


Miss McCulla is a retired English teacher of 32 years.  She has Mastery of the grammar and mechanics of English, and has taught expository, fiction writing, and rhetorical skills to hundreds of students and aspiring writers throughout her career.  She has written/edited/self-published five books, and currently manages and edits a writing blog called The Underground Tutor where she gathers essays, articles, entries, papers, manuals, profiles, criticisms, analyses of literature, just like those asked of students and writers in the university and publisher houses everywhere.  This link will bring you to Descriptive Essays, which will have a link to other organizational structures, like Process Essays or Biographical Essays, and so on, and a link to show you how to create your own blog.

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