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A wide variety of subjects fall under the umbrella of The Underground Tutor. It began with a focus on literature and writing. Today, it has grown to trending topics such as introductions to The Mandela Effect, Who is Q?, What’s the deal about the Denver Airport?, Who is Julian Assange? etc. I scatter in some humor and beautiful artwork. I select an article, identify its purpose (Information Essay, Process Essay, Critical Analysis of classic literature), then I correct the paper with students in mind. Those of you who like the history or back-story of an author, it will be here in the Biography section. If you want to become a writer, you’ll get information on how to begin, publish and market your work. Many of the essays are written by students. My articles are on points of grammar and criticism. Other articles are written by men and women who are editorialists, poets, and professionals in their fields of marketing, travel, language, reviewers.

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